Workshop #5 – Music for soundtracks and video games

The last workshop within the learning program of the European Music Incubator brought our musicians to Genova, Italy on the 29th and 30th of January 2018. During two days the thematics of music for soundtracks and video games as well as the issue of licensing and copyright was discussed.

With the growth of demand in the market for original music to accompany film and video game soundtracks, it is inevitable for our musicians to learn about that within their journey in the EMI as well. Together with the mentors Luigi Giachino & Aram Shahbazians from Italy two days were spent learning about that topics.


Day 1 – understanding the context of the production chain & licensing

Within the first day of the workshop the goal was to provide musicians with an in-depth overview of the production process of soundtracks for movies and video games. Musicians must be aware that, when writing for audiovisuals, the music they produce must be functional to the vision.

Next to learning about the production process it is crucial to study about the different international laws for licensing and copyright as well. The musicians got introduced about how their musical work is protected by law as well as various types of rights within the European level.

At the end of the day the EMI participants took part in a round table at «La Claque» one of the most vibrant places for crosscutting artistic experimental events, where the award winning soundtrack composers, Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi, shared their experiences with the audience and discussed practical examples.

Day 2 – visit to the studio and hands-on mentality

After the theoretical impact of the first day the musicians worked in the Creuza recording studio with the support Luca Cresta and Claudio Pacini on improving their skills in the studio. Throughout the day the participants were actively involved in the construction of a mini soundtrack project practicing the knowledge gained during the day and in the previous workshops.