Workshop #4 – Music and Brands

Workshop #4 was all about music and brands. Therefore the musicians gathered at Trempolino in Nantes to work on that topic. During the two days on the 11th and 12th of December 2017 the issues of what a brand is, how musicians can create and build up their own brand as well as what it means to work together with brands and companies was on the agenda.

Brands are turning into content providers and often lack to generate new content on their own. The beautiful advantage of arts and music is, that there is never too less content. Artistic products generate endlessly. Musicians can take advantage of that setting since companies realized to be appealing to their consumers-to-be, they better set up smart partnerships with artists. For taking advantage of this, musicians need to understand the role of music in a brand strategy as well as their own value within that.

Day 1 – Music and brands: a « win-win » partnership

Brands are now turning into content producers and are certainly on their way to become music’s main financial supporters. Partnerships are blossoming out between musicians and brands, which are equally beneficial to both. Artists can take advantage of the marketing skills and influence of a brand to reach a broader audience, while brands can take advantage of the artists’ aura to boast a story and gain a foothold in a more underground scene.

Within that first day the musicians learned about what is a brand, the brand jargon and therefore how to connect, to work with and for a brand. An important process is also to reflect about how the musicians stand to reflect about their own public and audience as well as learning how to become a brand.

Day 2 – being a brand: musician as a brand

After the theoretical input of the first day, it was time to apply the skills in a practical matter. How musicians are perceived by their audience reaches a lot further nowadays then « only » their musical environment. The development of his or her own brand is needed in order to work with of for a brand. On this second day the musicians focused on how to know and identify their own public audience. Furthermore they created a strategy of how to approach potential clients by creating visual proposals. By the end of the day the participants created their tool-kit for individual use to develop their own brand including the creating of a moodboard, how to pitch in front of clients and much more.