Tunecore joins Slash: Get to know Mathieu Rousselot

Math­ieu Rous­selot will be with us on the 23rd of Nov for a work­shop ded­ic­ated to arists about « DIY and new dis­tri­bu­tion mod­els ». In this ses­sion he will present the best prac­tices for the indie artists about digit­al dis­tri­bu­tion, strategies and oth­er digit­al tools ! For that reas­on we’d like to take a closer look at Math­ieu Rous­selot and Tun­eCore

1) Can you tell us a bit about “Tun­eCore”?
For over a dec­ade, Tun­eCore has been ded­ic­ated to provide inde­pend­ent musi­cians the tools they need to get their music out to the world, grow their fan base, and stay in con­trol of their careers. Tun­eCore is com­mit­ted to mak­ing sure your music is avail­able every­where your fans are.
— We don’t believe you should be pun­ished for being suc­cess­ful. That’s why we nev­er take a per­cent­age of your sales and stream­ing rev­en­ue, no mat­ter how much you earn.
— It took over a cen­tury for musi­cians to start own­ing the music they wrote and recorded
— Tun­eCore will nev­er take the rights to your music
— We believe in empower­ing you with the tools and know­ledge you need to find where people are listen­ing, and how to keep grow­ing your fan base.

2) What do you do as “Dir­ect­or for Artist & Part­ner Relations”?
I over­see all European ter­rit­or­ies for Tun­eCore. The object­ive it is to make this mod­el known to all inde­pend­ent artists, labels, man­agers, etc. We do a lot of actions to reach this object­ive : dir­ect out­reach, online mar­ket­ing, part­ner­ship with com­pan­ies work­ing with indie artists, and more glob­ally all the ini­ti­at­ives which will help indie artists to devel­op their career.

3) What are the goals you’d like to trans­fer to the artists tak­ing part in your ses­sion at Slash?
The aim is to present the best prac­tices for the indie artists about the digit­al dis­tri­bu­tion, the pos­sible strategies, but also all the oth­er digit­al tools : from the record­ing to the pro­mo­tion of the music. We’ll also dis­cuss con­crete example of suc­cess­ful DIY artists.

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Slash Program

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