The 7 musicians who will participate

After 1 month of selec­tion pro­cess, 133 applic­a­tions received, 15 Skype ITW and 5 hours of delib­er­a­tions, the 7 musi­cians who will par­ti­cip­ate to European Music Incub­at­or pro­gram have been selec­ted.

Between Septem­ber 2017 and Janu­ary 2018, they will attend work­shops about oth­er cre­at­ive sec­tors and cul­tur­al entre­pren­eur­ship. As a next step, they will have to work on a con­crete pro­ject dur­ing a 5-months ment­or­ing peri­od there­fore we assigned a them­at­ic to each musi­cian.

Digital teaching:
Marko Jovanovic (Croatia)

Cultural tourism:
Rolando Tommaso (Genoa)

Soundtrack for movies and videogames:
Eléna Tissier (France/Pays de la Loire)

Soundtrack for movies and videogames:
Argo Valls (Estonia)

Digital services:
Thomas Cochini (France/Pays de la Loire)

Music and brands:
Natalie McCool (UK)

Music and brands:
Sara Renar (Croatia)