Slash, European Music Convention, Save the date 22nd/23rd Nov. in Nantes – France

Slash, European Music Con­ven­tion
Save the date
22nd/23rd Nov. in Nantes, France

Dur­ing the last two years with­in the European Music Incub­at­or we have exper­i­enced and explored the ways musi­cians inter­act with oth­er cre­at­ive sec­tors such as tour­ism, brands, video games, cinema, the digit­al field and teach­ing.

European Music Incub­at­or worked towards a bet­ter under­stand­ing of devel­op­ment of musician’s careers in the real­it­ies of today’s world as well as the pos­sib­il­it­ies for tomor­row. This pro­gram brain­stormed on ideas to decon­struct our way of work­ing and enhanced syn­ergy with­in the music sec­tor.

Slash is the res­ult of this work. The event will take place in Nantes on the 22nd and 23rd of Novem­ber this year. It will bring togeth­er a new gen­er­a­tion of European music and cul­tur­al play­ers to build togeth­er a com­mon vis­ion of the future of music, through pan­els, work­shops, key­notes, mas­ter­class, etc.

The European Music Incub­at­or is a Europe-wide incub­at­or coordin­ated by Trem­polino in part­ner­ship with the European part­ners Lab 852 (Croa­tia), Liv­er­pool Sound City Fest­iv­al (UK), Uni­ver­sity of Tartu/Viljandi Cul­ture Academy (Esto­nia) and the Muni­cip­al­ity of Gen­oa (Italy), that aims to train emer­ging musi­cians in busi­ness diver­si­fic­a­tion and entre­pren­eur­ship. It is fun­ded by the European Uni­on through its Cre­at­ive Europe pro­gram, the Pays de la Loire Region and Nantes Métro­pole.