Music and brands: a “win-win” partnership

European Music Incub­at­or is con­sid­er­ing diver­si­fic­a­tion of activ­it­ies as a key-factor to diver­si­fy sources of income and to reach a wider audi­ence. Each part­ner choose one cre­at­ive sec­tor and worked on its prob­lem­at­ics with loc­al stake­hold­ers.
Trem­polino (Nantes/France) choose the them­at­ic “Music and Brands”. The fol­low­ing is a quick state of play of this cre­at­ive sec­tor.

15 to 24 year-old young­sters are tomor­row’s con­sumers. What is their favor­ite pas­time? More than 70% of them place listen­ing to music way ahead of any oth­er activ­ity. They listen to music every­day and in every pos­sible way, des­pite a fond­ness for mobile listen­ing. Music any­where, any­time.

To appeal to their con­sumers-to-be, brands have under­stood that they had bet­ter set up smart part­ner­ships with artists.
Where­as over the past dec­ades, musi­cians and brands only had a cata­logue-like rela­tion­ship – i.e. a brand merely selec­ted a track that was in tune with its product and would illus­trate it well – brands are now turn­ing into con­tent pro­du­cers and are cer­tainly on their way to becom­ing music’s main fin­an­cial sup­port­ers. All around us part­ner­ships are blos­som­ing out between musi­cians and brands, which are equally bene­fi­cial to both.

Artists can take advant­age of the mar­ket­ing skills and influ­ence of a brand to reach a broad­er audi­ence, while brands can take advant­age of the artists’ aura to boast a story and gain a foothold in a more under­ground scene. But these part­ner­ships do not lim­it them­selves to the music­al iden­tity of a brand or of a com­mer­cial. Brands have been seen to sup­port video-clips fin­an­cially, to invest in record­ing stu­di­os, artist res­id­en­cies, to lend equip­ment, cloth­ing, to set up pro­mo­tion­al gigs… All is con­ceiv­able as long as both part­ners are win­ners and com­mu­nic­ate with each oth­er.

Pic: Raven Jelks (flickr CC)