“Music 2030” workshop report

“I think the program of this week get us to be more aware of the future of music. It opened a lot of horizons and possibilities as artist that we would not think of.” Isabelle Nguyen
“I was really happy to be initiated to subjects like AI or NFTs that I would never have been interested otherwise, and it was the perfect way to explore them. It was really inspiring, and rich to see all these ways to practice music, and it pushes us to ask ourselves the good questions on how we want to make our music.” Gisèle Pape

The second work­shop “Music 2030” of the Slash pro­gram is now over. It is now the oppor­tun­ity to share the high­lights and the pho­tos of this intense week.

Slash artists star­ted the week with Thomas Coch­ini (from Labot­a­nique) and with a vis­it of the Ile de Nantes by Sandrine Berni­er. They man­age, after 1 day of work­shop, to work by pair on a sound walk exper­i­ence in an assigned place in Quart­i­er de la créa­tion in Nantes. On Fri­day night, the Dan­ish artist Nik­las Runge per­formed at the Hôtel de France for a spe­cial intim­ate moment with only piano & voice. On Sunday night, every­one went to Hyper­cube to dis­cov­er what VR and AR exper­i­ence look like. These days were fol­lowed by a work on beat­mak­ing and pro­duc­tion with Shkyd. On Monday, the Slash artists met Adrien Ohan­nes­si­an from Renais­sance NFT to talk about the block­chain & the metavers, and then, with Gwenn Sharp from The Green Room to talk about the imple­ment­a­tion of sus­tain­able devel­op­ment in their careers. Finally, on Tues­day they worked with Flore on remix and on Wed­nes­day, they met Celine Gar­cia and Skygge to talk about arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence in composition.

On Tues­day 18, Flo/so and DENA were invited by eura­dio to talk about the Slash pro­gram and their career as European artists : read the art­icle, or listen to the podcast :

Photo : Mar­gaux Martin’s

Slash Program

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