Last november in Zagreb: talk with Daniela Angelina Jelinčić about cultural tourism

Daniela Angelina Jelinčić is a research adviser at the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) in Zagreb. She holds a Ph.D. in ethnology from the University of Zagreb and her specific interests are in cultural tourism, cultural/creative industries, cultural policy, creativity, experience economy and social innovations. Also, she teaches cultural tourism, economy of culture, cultural heritage management, creative industries at the University of Dubrovnik, University of Zagreb, Edward Bernays First College of Communication Management in Zagreb, and at the UNESCO Chair for Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development, Institute for Social and European Studies (ISES) in Köszeg, Hungary.

“Cultural tourism directed to today’s tourists is much more than just a supply of cultural products and services. It is all about experiences which today’s tourists require. Creating cultural tourism products which entail specific experiences engaging all five senses and stirring emotions – that’s what the Zagreb workshop was about. Experiences are everywhere and in all aspects of the cultural tourism management process: in the creation of the main product, spin-off products, related services and atmosphere; in marketing of the products and services as well as in their interpretation to tourism audiences. Participants of the workshops, being musicians, intuitively feel what needs to be done as to create these experiences. They showed their great interest for the topic and actively participated in the creation of the site-specific music-related tourism products using a lot of humour and giving fresh eyes and intercultural perspective to the task. Skilled and playful with words, they excelled in writing a mixed interpretive-marketing texts for their products. It was literally hot at the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art but I literally froze (due to severe back pain). Still, my dear music friends, you used your skills and ‘melted’ the ‘ice in my back’ making it warmer. The heat was on!”