“I now feel really energised and ready for more of these types of shows in 2022” Slash artist Flo/so at Trans Musicales in Rennes

Flo/so, an artist from the Slash program season 2, had the opportunity to play in front of 2000 people in the Greenroom of Trans Musicales in Rennes at the beginning of December 21. Here is a video that redraws his experience, as well as some answers to the questions we asked him afterwards.

How did you get the oppor­tun­ity to have this show at the Trans Musicales?

I met one of the book­ers of Les Trans Musicales dur­ing a work­shop and a show­case at MIL Fest­iv­al in Lis­bon, organ­ised by S/LASH this Septem­ber. We had a brief chat and I sent him my music and some info about my solo pro­ject a few days later. He really liked it and offered me DJ slot in one of the main halls!

How did you pre­pare for this dj set?

I don’t DJ as often as I play live but that’s some­thing I also really enjoy doing (I reg­u­larly release mix­tapes online which I record from my home stu­dio). For me it’s all about select­ing the right tracks in order to cre­ate a mood and take people on a jour­ney. As my set was one of the last ones on the Sat­urday (3AM to 5.30AM), I knew I had to play some high-energy songs to keep people awake and dan­cing until the end. So I made a selec­tion of techno, acid and dark disco with some eth­nic influ­ences, things that I love play­ing and which I felt was right for this show.

How did you feel on stage?

I felt great! A bit nervous at first of course as the Green­room is a fairy big place (2000 people) and it was the first time I was play­ing solo and defend­ing my own pro­ject in front of such a big crowd. But once I star­ted djing and saw people really enjoy­ing the mix, I felt more con­fid­ent, was able to inter­act more with them and to enjoy the moment. It’s so ener­gising to see people react to the music you play in a pos­it­ive way and it can only make you want to carry on.

And a few weeks later, how do you feel?

I must admit it took me a little while to come back to earth after this amaz­ing exper­i­ence. But I now feel really ener­gised and ready for more of these types of shows in 2022, which I hope will keep com­ing! It also made me feel more con­fid­ent about work­ing on this solo pro­ject as it’s some­thing I really believe in.

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Have you had any feed­back since?

I had some really pos­it­ive feed­back on social media from people who were at the show and then dis­covered my music online. I also saw my num­bers go up quite a bit on the stream­ing plat­forms which shows that live music is still a great way to get you dis­covered. So thank you Les Trans Musicales, thank you S/LASH and I can’t wait to get back on stage in 2022!


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