Discover our nine artists selected for Slash-Season 2 !

They were nearly 180 candidates, from 23 different nationalities, for only 9 finalists. We are proud and glad to present to you the artists who will follow Slash — season 2, our European training program, directed by Trempo with the support of Creative Europe and Sacem in 2021. Here are nine eclectic, demanding personalities who write, compose and produce today’s music.

André Júlio Tur­quesa (PT)

André Júlio Tur­quesa is one of those who dis­arm us with dis­con­cert­ing ease. This multi-instru­ment­al­ist knows how to sur­prise us with his auda­cious — and some­times lush — folk, but always well orches­trated. He likes to knit the kind of music in which you can curl up with pleas­ure, embroidered with wilder jazz inspir­a­tions. A tal­ent for com­pos­i­tion already at the ser­vice of theat­er, cinema and tele­vi­sion for that mat­ter. And when he sings in Por­tuguese, Eng­lish or French with his fiery voice, his sin­cer­ity touches our hearts. His 4th LP is eagerly awaited and it has every reas­on to be: his latest record Orgônio is among the 50 best Por­tuguese albums of 2020.

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Dam­lif (FR)

“I always listen to the flows released by Jay‑Z, between two songs of Tom Waits”: here is a sen­tence that sums up Dam­li­f’s ref­er­ences rather well. The 21-year-old French man has been cul­tiv­at­ing his own style since 2017 by bring­ing togeth­er his taste for altern­at­ive music and rap. Still, it’s not easy to provide a por­trait without fall­ing into easy short­cuts. The best would be to listen to his EP “I, who dreamed”, where he explores the dif­fer­ent aspects of cre­ation (excess of con­fid­ence, doubt, stroke of geni­us…) on instru­ment­als with elec­tron­ic tend­ency. His next EP “Mar­celle” will be released in 2021.

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Dena (BG)

It only took one hit in 2012, “Cash, Dia­mond Rings, Swim­ming Pools”, for DENA to be noticed by pro­fes­sion­als around the world. The most “Ber­liner of all Bul­gari­ans” has worked between Los Angeles, Lon­don and New York, col­lab­or­at­ing with Mocky, Mid­night Magic, Sean Nich­olas Sav­age or even the Nor­we­gi­an Erlend Øye (Kings of con­veni­ence). It must be said that her hybrid DIY-pop/RnB makes an impres­sion, car­ried by a non­chal­ant phras­ing that some­times reminds us of M.I.A. Ori­gin­ally inspired by the 90s, Den­itza Todorova has sharpened and diver­si­fied her pro­duc­tion with a more eth­er­e­al sound and cap­tiv­at­ing bal­lads. Her new self-pro­duced EP is sched­uled for the sum­mer 2021.

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Flo/So (FR)

Behind Flo/so hides the new pro­ject of Flori­an Sauvaire. This French instru­ment­al­ist-pro­du­cer (and sound design­er) began his career in the United King­dom as a stu­dio musi­cian for artists such as Ghost­poet, Rox­anne Tataei, Will Joseph Cook, Pil­lars… It is with his duo Deafkid that he starts writ­ing and com­pos­ing com­puter music. He looks deep­er into his sound work with Flo/so where he mixes elec­tron­ica and pop, all scattered with mod­u­lated voices (his own). Alone at the helm of his drums and per­cus­sions, he cre­ates hyp­not­ic tex­tured music. His pro­duc­tions are already recog­nized on both sides of the Channel.

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Gisèle Pape (FR)

As a Louis Lumière gradu­ate, Gisèle Pape is a true magi­cian of sound and image. She indeed devel­ops a rich uni­verse between the whirl­wind of disco balls and half-dreamed night land­scapes. Off-road and with such a strong con­nec­tion to nature in her music, she is logic­ally spot­ted by La Sou­ter­raine. In her fables sung in French, we can hear birds from Brazil as well as sounds of sub­ways recor­ded in Hong Kong. Bey­ond the synths and the gui­tar which rather echo Laurie Ander­son, Gisèle is part of a line of poet­ic song cre­ated by Domi­n­ique A and Franço­iz Breut.

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Isa­belle Nguy­en (FR)

Isa­belle Nguy­en is a multi-instru­ment­al­ist who plays the key­board, the viol­in, the flute, with a good back­ground inher­ited from the Con­ser­vat­ory and the Fac­ulty of Musi­co­logy. But in 2016, she put “instru­ment­al vir­tu­os­ity” aside to throw her­self into com­pos­i­tion and work­around. From there, was born Yan­nis Le Bègue, who then became the bed­room pop elec­tron­ica group Enfant Perdu. The artist from Rennes (FR), exer­cised after­wards her tal­ents as a com­poser-pro­du­cer under the name of chh­hat as a beat­maker, and nina nina for her techno idm pro­ject based on clas­sic­al music samples. Isa­belle is a cross-dis­cip­lin­ary artist, pas­sion­ate about the visu­al aspect. She also pro­duces music videos — for her­self and for others.

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Marta Del Grandi (IT)

Marta Del Grandi has been tak­ing her tal­ent on a jour­ney for almost a dec­ade now, since this sing­er-song­writer draws inspir­a­tion from the places where she has lived: Bel­gi­um, China, Nepal. An epic where the dis­cov­ery of her inner world is as import­ant as the one that sur­rounds her to enrich her writ­ing. In this adven­ture, her soft and nimble voice remains her instru­ment of excel­lence, muscled by in-depth jazz train­ing, to adapt to more or less elec­tri­fied pop rock melod­ies. The Itali­an also offi­ci­ates in the audio / visu­al duo Fos­sick Pro­ject, the improv col­lect­ive Mos Ensemble and the Lapsus Lumine quartet.

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Nik­las Runge (DK)

Nik­las Runge has a good sense of bal­ance. His pop folk with rock accents can both be airy and take up a lot of space with grandi­loquence. In his texts, the Dane altern­ately wavers between romantic hope and des­pair, fol­low­ing the ups and downs of life. But there’s no need to hold onto when his pure voice trans­ports us to heart­break­ing flights, where influ­ences of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke can be heard. Released last year, his mel­an­chol­ic first album, “I know I’m not mag­ni­fi­cent” was his ther­apy to find his way after a dif­fi­cult time. A rather effi­cient meth­od: the multi-instru­ment­al­ist song­writer is already work­ing on his next record.

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Nils Peschanski (FR)

With sol­id train­ing at the Con­ser­vat­ory, Nils Peschanski is an explorer who wears sev­er­al hats and knows no bor­ders. With Le Vasco, he trans­gressed elec­tro-pop. With Noflipe, he com­bined hip-hop, rock and funk. With Çhâñt Élečtrónïqùe, he reju­ven­ated the tra­di­tion­al song. With Glob­al Net­work, he mixed soul, R&B and house. These pro­jects have taken the key­board­ist-pro­du­cer across Europe to major influ­en­tial fest­ivals (the Trans Musicales in Rennes, The Great Escape in Brighton, Euro­son­ic in Gronin­gen). When not com­pos­ing for TV or cinema, the French­man teaches piano and com­pos­i­tion, always guided by a sense of experimentation.

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Slash Program

Slash is a Europe-wide train­ing pro­gram build-up by Trem­po with the great sup­port of SACEM. It aims to train emer­ging pro­fes­sion­al musi­cians in their career devel­op­ment. It is co-fin­anced by the European Uni­on through its Cre­at­ive Europe pro­gram (Music Moves Europe).

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