A training program for european emerging songwriters-producers


Nowadays, being a song­writer-pro­du­cer means being multi-task­ing : prac­ti­cing its instru­ment, devel­op­ing its career, integ­rat­ing net­work of pro­fes­sion­als, pro­mot­ing its pro­ject, diver­si­fy­ing rev­en­ue streams, man­aging copy­rights, under­stand­ing and deal­ing with new digit­al practices.

Nowadays, being a song­writer-pro­du­cer is to be a key influ­en­cer and the major stake­hold­er of its career.

Slash is a learn­ing pro­gram ded­ic­ated to nine emer­ging pro­fes­sion­al song­writers-pro­du­cers. The main goal of this pro­gram is to sup­port them in this new con­text and to provide them con­crete and prac­tic­al tools to solve issues, detect new oppor­tun­it­ies and deal with day-to-day life.



  • March 2021 - June 2022

    • → Online

      Coaching program

      The coach­ing will help Slash song­writers-pro­du­cers to explore issues, options and goals, and to provide strategies for pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment. The coach­ing pro­gram will focus on busi­ness, fin­an­cial and com­mu­nic­a­tion issues. Coach­ing will be delivered online.

  • January 2022 - June 2022

    • → Online

      Inspiring meetings

      Nine ment­ors from cul­tur­al & cre­at­ive indus­tries will fol­low the song­writers-pro­du­cers all along the pro­gram. They will share their story, their exper­i­ence and they will be avail­able to listen and advise the song­writers-pro­du­cers dur­ing the program.

  • September 2021

    • → Lisbon, Portugal

      Author’s right and copyright workshop

      This 6‑days work­shop will allow song­writers-pro­du­cers to build a sus­tain­able career based on its author’s right/copyright man­age­ment. This work­shop will also allow song­writers-pro­du­cers to under­stand the entire author’s right and copy­right eco­sys­tem, as well as look­ing at future issues. Courses are mainly based on con­crete case stud­ies, good prac­tices and innov­at­ive ways to man­age its author’s right / copy­right. Here is the schedule:

      • Under­stand­ing the entire author’s right and copy­right value chain
      • Work­ing with an Author Soci­ety: regis­tra­tion, declar­a­tion, author’s right/copyright man­age­ment, metadata, and roy­al­ties track­ing tools
      • Work­ing with a pub­lish­er: interests and relationships
      • Devel­op­ing its back cata­logue thanks to the stream­ing platform
      • Build­ing new strategies with music lib­rary company
      • The future of author’s right / copy­right: block­chain and footprinting

      Giv­en the inter­na­tion­al health situ­ation, the pro­gram might be sub­ject to change depend­ing on san­it­ary restric­tions and travel conditions.

  • January 2022

    • → Trempo, Nantes, France

      "Music 2030” workshop & songwriting camp

      This 6‑days work­shop will allow the 9 song­writers-pro­du­cers to improve their know­ledge about major changes to come in the music industry. This work­shop will make the song­writers-pro­du­cers more famil­i­ar with con­cepts such as block­chain, AI, con­nec­ted objects, AR/VR. The ses­sions will mainly con­sist of pan­els and new music solu­tions present­a­tions. These events will be opened to a gen­er­al audi­ence and be live-streamed online. Here is the schedule:

      • Dis­cov­er­ing and prac­ti­cing the new instruments
      • Under­stand­ing what arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence is and which will be its role in 2030
      • Com­pos­ing in a bin­aur­al approach for vir­tu­al real­ity and aug­men­ted reality
      • Under­stand­ing the con­nec­ted speak­ers issues
      • Learn­ing about the next roles of the blockchain
      • Build­ing my career in a more sus­tain­able world

      Giv­en the inter­na­tion­al health situ­ation, the pro­gram might be sub­ject to change depend­ing on san­it­ary restric­tions and travel conditions.

  • May 2022

    • → Promus, Aarhus, Denmark

      Entrepreneurship / Business workshop

      This 6‑days work­shop will be held to bring skills that cul­tiv­ate an entre­pren­eur­i­al mind­set and interest in the future of the music busi­ness. Courses are mainly based on the per­cep­tion that a SLASH song­writer-pro­du­cer should become the key influ­en­cer and the major stake­hold­er of his/her career. This is why it will offer a large over­view on innov­at­ive ways to reach dif­fer­ent audi­ences and cli­ents. Courses are also based on mar­ket­ing case stud­ies, busi­ness applic­a­tions and the use of innov­at­ive ser­vices in order to invig­or­ate what SLASH song­writers-pro­du­cers will learn. Here is the schedule:

      • Under­stand­ing the gen­er­al music industry ecosystem
      • Design­ing a SLASH musi­cian brand based on storytelling, mar­ket­ing and oper­a­tion­al dir­ect-to- fan strategy
      • Fun­drais­ing, crowd­fund­ing, endorse­ment, spon­sor­ing, and music-mon­et­iz­ing tools
      • Using artist-cent­ric applic­a­tions and tools for busi­ness issues
      • Defin­ing the busi­ness mod­el for my career as a song­writer-pro­du­cer: the diver­si­fic­a­tion of activ­it­ies (com­munity pro­jects, movies, teach­ing, tourism…)
      • Design­ing the right time bal­ance between artist­ic activ­it­ies and busi­ness activities

      Giv­en the inter­na­tion­al health situ­ation, the pro­gram might be sub­ject to change depend­ing on san­it­ary restric­tions and travel conditions.


Trempo is a cul­tur­al organ­iz­a­tion ded­ic­ated to musi­cians and people with music­al pro­jects. It is housed in an emblem­at­ic build­ing on the Ile de Nantes, which includes rehears­al and record­ing stu­di­os, work­spaces, a ter­race and a club. Trempo offers pro­fes­sion­al train­ing, work­shops and music courses, sup­port pro­grammes for artists/entrepreneurs and devel­ops cooper­a­tion actions on a loc­al, nation­al or European scale.
The organ­iz­a­tion seeks to improve access to music prac­tice and artist­ic edu­ca­tion and acts for the devel­op­ment of the region­al music industry and the emer­gence of new artist­ic practices.

SACEM (Soci­ety of Authors, Com­posers and Pub­lish­ers of Music) rep­res­ents and defends 176, 150 mem­bers in France and world­wide and plays a cru­cial eco­nom­ic role to pre­serve music­al cre­ation. SACEM is a non-profit non-trad­ing entity owned and man­aged by its mem­bers: authors, com­posers and pub­lish­ers of music. Its main roles are : collect­ing & dis­trib­ut­ing roy­al­ties ; promot­ing & sup­port­ing cre­at­ors ; defend­ing & pro­tect­ing their mem­bers and authors’ rights.
Roy­al­ties from copyright/authors’ rights are authors and com­posers’ only source of rev­en­ue. It is to guar­an­tee authors’ intel­lec­tu­al prop­erty rights over their works that SACEM col­lects and dis­trib­utes roy­al­ties. SACEM’s ter­rit­ori­al pres­ence is its most valu­able asset, which guar­an­tees fair, effi­cient roy­alty col­lec­tions and close rela­tions with cli­ents and mem­bers in each and every region.

Slash Program

Slash is a Europe-wide train­ing pro­gram build-up by Trem­po with the great sup­port of SACEM. It aims to train emer­ging pro­fes­sion­al musi­cians in their career devel­op­ment. It is co-fin­anced by the European Uni­on through its Cre­at­ive Europe pro­gram (Music Moves Europe).

The European Commission’s sup­port for the pro­duc­tion of this pub­lic­a­tion does not con­sti­tute an endorse­ment of the con­tents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Com­mis­sion can­not be held respons­ible for any use which may be made of the inform­a­tion con­tained therein.